Deacon Nominations

Deacon Nominations

The deacons at Meadow Grove Baptist Church serve in a unique position of leadership, serving as a sounding board for the pastor; they listen to the heartbeat of the church, serve on various committees, review the financial statement each month, prepare and serve the Lord’s Supper, and help in other ways behind the scenes.  Occasionally, the deacons make recommendations to the church.  Deacons do not run the church.  Our church votes on big decisions and deacons have one vote along with every other member.  The deacons seek to lead through service.

Qualifications for Deacon

To be elected and/or ordained as an active deacon in a Baptist Church is a high honor and a responsibility never to be taken lightly. Every deacon must be a man who will bring honor to the name and cause of Christ, and be a credit to the church and the community in which he lives. He shall be at least twenty five (25) years old and shall have been a member of the Church for at least one year. He must meet Biblical standards (1 Timothy 3:8-12 and Acts 6:3).


Biblical Standards for a Deacon

The office of deacon is a position of leadership through service in the church. The following are qualifications for deacons:

1. Must be elected by the church.

2. Should live with high standards in submission to Jesus Christ.

3. Be active and faithful to all major areas of church life.

4. Should give his tithe to the church.

5. Desire to win lost people to Christ

6. Be the husband of one wife.

7. Believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God, the source of authority for living.

8. Believe in salvation by grace through faith on the basis of the substitutionary death of Christ for sinners.

9. Lead his household well.

10. Seek to create and preserve harmony in the church.

11. Be able to keep matters in confidence, not be a gossip.

12. Desire to work with the pastor and church to seek and accomplish the will of God for the church.

13. Should be a member of the church for one year prior to the time of election to the deacon body.


Please nominate men to be considered to fill the vacant deacon positions. (Please do not nominate current deacons)


Deacon election takes place in August and the new deacons begin service in September.

It is time for Deacon nominations to be made for the 2016-2017 church year.  Those who are nominated will be contacted to see if they will allow their name to be placed on the deacon ballot.  We ask that you consider the qualifications listed on the back as you make your nominations.

Current deacons are :

  • Christian Pruett Dick May Neal Broome

  • Phil Cockrell Sammy Scoggin Ron Harrist

  • Steve Hardin Dodd Brister Lee Jones

  • Earl Brown Steve King Larry Lofton

  • David Medlin Steve Norton Plemon Ming

  • Ronnie Russum


Ron Harrist, Lee Jones, Larry Lofton, Plemon Ming, and Ronnie Russum rotate off and are not eligible to serve in the new year.


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