Sunday School Resumes October 25th

Preschool and Children's SS Information 

Good News! Sunday School starts back next Sunday, October 25th!

The date to start back was just confirmed and I am so excited that we're finally starting back! Here's some of the things you need to know...

New Sunday Schedule

9:00       Traditional Worship/ SS

10:30     Contemporary Worship/ SS


​Class locations for preschool will remain the same for both hours as in the past.

9:00 Hour Children's Classes


1st Grade--C                                           

2nd Grade--B                                          

3rd Grade--F

4th Grade/5th Grade--E      

10:30 Hour Children's Classes

Kindergarten/1st Grade--D

2nd Grade/3rd Grade--F

4th Grade/5th Grade--E

Jesus Taught About Possessions

In our lesson from John 14:25-26, Jesus teaches people not to worry because God provides for our needs...very timely! Below you will find the lesson for October 25th. I will have the rest of the lessons printed out and ready for you in your classroom.

I will be working hard this week to make sure all the classroom are ready and the resource room is full of any supplies you might need.


Class rolls will not be ready this week since we're not sure which children will attend which hour of Sunday School. Some families have been attending a different hour of worship than in the past.

Please let me know if you need anything! I'm praying for you!

Oct 25 Preschool
Oct 25 Kids