We are transitioning to an electronic newsletter for a couple of reasons.  The first is that this will allow us to keep current information before you more often.  The printed newsletter only went out once a month.  If something new came up the day after it was mailed, then it was a month before we could write about it.


The second reason is we believe this format will be read by more people.  While we mailed out more than 300 newsletters, most of them were not being read.  You will get this two times a week.  You can quickly scan what interests you and read it.


Another benefit is that the links on this electronic newsletter will take you to our website.  You will be able to sign up for things and get more information on our website.  I know this is a change, but I think you will find this to be a good change.


There will be a one-page printed copy available at the welcome desk for those that do not use e-mail.


There is a lot going on in March!  John Woods, the pastor of our sister church in England, will be speaking on Sunday, March 6.  He will share from God’s word, and his testimony.  It is powerful and you should plan to be present. We will have the Lord’s Supper in each morning service on March 13.  Our Adult Choir will present music in the second service on March 20.  We are having “Friend Day,” that day.  It is a day for you to invite your unchurched friends to come to church.  March 27 is Easter.  We expect both services to be filled.  Members that are able to walk well are asked to park in the back to save room for guests and those less mobile.


On the parking front, we are asking that the first row in the back of the church nearest the covered entrance to the preschool be reserved for parents of preschoolers.  It is so much easier for parents to be closer to the door when trying to get little ones out of the car and to the building.  I’ll be parking toward the back of the parking lot and I ask you to join me parking there.


God is doing some great things in and through our church.  It is a joy and a privilege to serve with you!


It is great to be your pastor,



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