MGBC traces its beginnings to April 30, 1950.  On that date, 34 Christians who had been meeting for worship and Bible study in one another’s homes, were led by God to begin a Baptist church in Brandon.  On that date, they constituted Value Mission and began to meet in a vacant store near the railroad tracks on North College Street.  In the years that followed, God blessed this new church with steady growth.  With that growth came the pressing need for more space.  So, in 1961 the church moved a short distance to a larger building and was renamed Second Baptist Church.  Three years later the church voted to relocate to the Meadow Grove Subdivision in Southeast Brandon.  In an effort to identify with the people they served, the church changed its name to Meadow Grove Baptist Church.  Three years later, the first service was held in their new church home on March 7, 1965. 


Continued growth in the decade that followed led to the construction of a new worship center with the original sanctuary being renovated to house meeting space for Bible study and discipleship.  A third building program at this Shiloh Road location resulted in the construction of a much needed education/fellowship wing in 1981.


The 1990’s saw Brandon change from being a small country town to a bustling community of many new homes and an ever increasing population.  To respond to the tremendous opportunities accompanying that growth, the church invited an architect from what was then the Sunday School Board to recommend a course of action.  He helped the church see its property had accommodated all the growth it could and a new location was needed in order to grow further.  With that some faithful and forward looking men of the church identified an 18 acre tract of land on Louis Wilson Drive.  They recommended the church purchase the property, which it did in 1993.


A 29,000 sq. ft. facility was constructed on the new site in 2004.  The provision of God and the faithfulness of the people allowed the church to pay the $2.5 million building cost in just four years!  A second worship service was begun in 2007 and a second Sunday School in the following year.  Even with these new buildings and strategies, the church was growing faster than the facilities could accommodate and soon it became apparent more educational space was needed for all age groups.  After much prayer and consideration, the church voted to enter yet another building program.  In the fall of 2013 Meadow Grove Baptist Church began construction on its new educational building and the renovation of its existing classrooms and offices.  Eighteen months later, the church moved into its spacious and well appointed

$5 million educational building.        


Clearly, God has blessed and led Meadow Grove Baptist Church in the past 65 years.    Under the leadership of its current and longest serving pastor, Steve Wilson, the Good News of Jesus Christ is boldly proclaimed and clearly taught.  People in Brandon and around the world are being impacted by the Gospel as a result of the ministry and witness of the people of Meadow Grove.  The future is bright for this great church and any who will come are invited to join us as we claim that future for Jesus Christ.


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