Preschool Ministry Assessment

At Meadow Grove, preschoolers are loved and ministry to them is a priority. Our desire is to partner with preschoolers and their families on their faith journey so they can ultimately make an informed decision to trust Jesus with their lives and mature in their faith. We understand these decisions aren't usually made as a preschooler... preschool ministry is the foundation on which other ministries are built.


Are we doing everything we can to partner with them on this journey? There are some things we do really well at Meadow Grove. And there are some things that need improvement. This is where I would like your input. 


If you are visiting this page on our website, you have been specially chosen to share your thoughts in regards to preschool ministry. Our heart is to reach our preschoolers and their families for Jesus and help them grow in their faith. We need your input so we can be as effective as possible in our efforts. Please consider joining us to make our preschool ministry better. We will gather would around a table one evening and have an open discussion about preschool ministry where every opinion and idea is valued. We can make a difference together. We'll use the table below to guide our talk.

Please answer the following for feedback. We will meet on the date that works best for those invited.  No one else will see your response.

Please answer the following...
Are you interested in meeting on a weeknight to discuss preschool ministry?
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Questions about the process?